Clinics & Guided Rides

Independence Youth Cycling offers mountain bike/cyclocross instructional clinics and guided rides to youth, in grades 6 through 12 under the National Interscholastic Cycling Association program, and to adults.

All coaches are certified with NICA and/or BICP/PMBIA and have also undergone background checks.

NICA Coach Certification

Coaches are certified under NICA’s Coach Licensing Program. This certification includes an official state-level background check, CDC Concussion Training, Student Athlete Coaching Philosophy, First Aid, and Risk Management, as well as a curriculum of Continuing Education Credits. Senior coaches (NICA Level 3) complete additional training, including Wilderness First Aid.

BICP Certification

Some senior IYC coaches are also certified under the Bicycle Instructors Certification Program (BICP).

BICP certifies instructors on the many aspects of teaching mountain biking: planning and preparation, risk management, clear communication with students, managing a group of riders, and being fully confident in an instructor understanding and demonstrating their own skills as well as the BICPs “Fundamental Elements.” The skills portion of this certification introduces instructors to 16 different skills.

This certification introduces stability and biomechanics, teaching strategy, site selection, goal setting, proper demonstrations, teaching points, keywords, progressions, and error detection, and qualifies an instructor to teach:

  • Neutral Position and Ready Position.
  • Bike/Body Separation.
  • Braking.
  • Shifting.
  • Ratcheting.
  • Riding Straight Lines.
  • Small Circles and Switchbacks.
  • Rock Dodge.
  • Climbing Dismount.
  • Seated Climb.
  • Standing Climb.
  • Crouched Climb.
  • Restarting on a Climb.
  • Descending Dismount.
  • Descending for Beginner to Intermediate Trails.
  • Roll Down.

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