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🚴‍♂️ IYC 2024 Cyclocross Season Registration is Open! 🚴‍♀️

Registration Details

  • Open to all youth racers U23 and under from the greater Philadelphia area and beyond!
  • IYC uses TeamSnap for all registration and communication.
  • IYC Team Fee: $50 (excluding USA Cycling license fee ($40 Junior License $80 Collegiate and race event registration fees (can vary; $10-$25+ depending upon race event).
  • IYC Team Fee supports the 501c3 non-profit for team fees, USAC team registration, insurance, equipment/supplies & race support.
  • Discount available for current members of other IYC programs in 2024.
  • Financial aid is available from IYC. Contact to learn more.
  • Cyclocross bikes are recommended but not required. Mountain bikes are acceptable. Reach out to us for assistance (and discounts) if purchasing a new or used cyclocross bike. Or, would like to get on the wait list for a loaner bike.

Team Details and Commitments

  • Manageable commitments for athletes and families.
  • Clinics available before the race schedule; no official practices planned at this time.
  • Self-practice encouraged; approach may change with more coaches.
  • Official Voler IYCX kit (jersey and shorts) will be offered for purchase (jersey at minimum) required.
  • Voler is an official sponsor of our inaugural CX season
  • Apparel discounts are available; online store open late June closing mid July..

Cyclocross Race Event Schedule (Tentative) 

Miles and travel time approximate based on IYC address of Wyncote/Cheltenham in SE PA.

  • Whirlybird Cross @ Twining: Saturday, 9/14/2024, Upper Dublin, PA, 7 miles, 15 minutes
  • Pineapple Crush Cross: Sunday, 9/15/2024, Emmaus, PA, 42 miles, 1 hour
  • Carpenter Cross: Saturday, 9/21/2024, Horsham, PA, 8 miles, 18 minutes
  • Rochester Cross Day 1 (UCI Event): Saturday, 9/21/2024, Rochester, NY, 295 miles, 5 hours
  • Rochester Cross Day 2 (UCI Event): Sunday, 9/22/2024, Rochester, NY, 295 miles, 5 hours
  • Charm City Cross (UCI Event): Saturday, 9/28/2024, Baltimore, MD, 115 miles, 2 hours
  • Charm City Cross (UCI Event): Sunday, 9/29/2024, Baltimore, MD, 115 miles, 2 hours
  • Crossasaurus Awesome: Saturday, 10/5/2024, Upper Salford Park, PA, 27 miles, 45 minutes
  • Highland Park Cross: Sunday, 10/13/2024, Jamesburg, NJ, 50 miles, 1 hour
  • The Terror at Twining CX: Saturday, 10/19/2024, Upper Dublin, PA, 7 miles, 15 minutes
  • Cooper River Cross: Sunday, 10/20/2024, Cherry Hill, NJ, 25 miles, 40 minutes
  • West Chester Cross Classic: Sunday, 11/3/2024, Glenmore, PA, 36 miles, 50 minutes
  • Sly Fox Cross: Sunday, 11/10/2024, Pottstown, PA, 30 miles, 50 minutes
  • Frosty Cross: Sunday, 11/17/2024, Cockeysville, MD, 120 miles, 2 hours 15 minutes
  • National Championships: December 9-15, 2024, Louisville, KY, 650 miles, 10 hours

Also check out our 2024 season event calendarCyclocross, MTB, Clinics and More!

IYC is a USA Cycling Club

  • Association to the IYC USA Cycling Club is required(Free) and can be setup in your USAC Cycling Membership Profile under manage clubs and teams.
  • Join the IYC USA Cycling Club and purchase a USAC race license after registering in TeamSnap.
  • Juniors Racing Age (6-18) need a Junior RACE or RACE+ membership; racing ages 19-23 need a standard RACE or RACE+ , or Collegiate or Collegiate+ membershipYour cyclocross race age is the age you will be on December 31st, the year that the season ends which is in January/February.  So your race age could be 1-2 years older than your chronological age.

We’re Looking for Coaches and Volunteers

Start the coach/volunteer registration here. It’s FREE! Coach/Volunteer Registration

Let’s make this inaugural cyclocross season unforgettable!

What is Cyclocross?

It’s as if the X Games collided with the Tour de France, sprinkled with a bit of adventure and exploration on dirt trails. Cyclocross, aka “CX,” is a fast paced, off-road racing discipline that blends the best of road biking and mountain biking. You’ll navigate short, challenging courses filled with obstacles such as barriers, sand, and mud. 

Got Skills? You’re in the Game!

So, you’re interested in cyclocross? Here’s some skills you’ll need:

  • Dismounting and Remounting
  • Bike Handling
  • Shouldering Your Bike
  • Running with Your Bike
  • Cornering Like a Pro
  • Barrier Hopping
  • Mud and Sand Navigation

Cyclocross vs. Mountain Biking

So, you might be wondering, what’s the difference between cyclocross and mountain biking?

  • Cyclocross takes you on a wild ride through dirt, asphalt, grass, pavement, sand, and mud
  • Courses are filled with obstacles that require you to jump, run, or bunny hop
  • While strength is important, the key to cyclocross is technique and form
  • It’s an individual sport where you navigate through challenging courses
  • It’s a whole new biking world

Cyclocross vs. Road Biking

Road biking involves riding on smooth asphalt and pavement, while cyclocross involves riding on a variety of surfaces, making it a more adventurous ride:

  • Road biking is often a team sport, while cyclocross requires individual skills and capabilities
  • Cyclocross challenges your abilities as you navigate diverse terrains

What to Expect on Cyclocross Courses?

When it comes to cyclocross, you’ll be exploring parks with a twist:

  • Parks offer a bit of everything: paved trails, gravel, and grass sections
  • Mix it up! Switch from one surface to another, and conquer obstacles like fallen trees or stairs
  • It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of biking

Basic Equipment to get Started?

  • Bikes: Almost any standard two-wheeled bicycle can be used for cyclocross. Bicycles specifically for Cyclocross closely resemble road bikes, but are equipped with specialized tires (with a maximum width of 33mm) for diverse surfaces. These bikes are generally lightweight and often do not have water bottle cages for easier carrying, when necessary. 
  • Shoes: While there are specific shoes designed for cyclocross, many racers find that standard mountain biking shoes are suitable. Mountain bike pedals, compatible with these shoes, are the standard choice. However, if running is a significant part of your races, cyclocross-specific shoes might offer a slight advantage.
  • Helmet: Participants are generally required to wear a helmet that meets safety standards.

Cyclocross Bike vs. Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike?

  • Cyclocross bikes have wider tires than those found on road bikes, but narrower tires than those found on mountain bikes
  • Similar to mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes have tread to tackle the wild off-road sections
  • Road bikes are all about smooth sailing on asphalt

Is There a Cyclocross Season?

  • April, May, and June: Preseason and Promotion– recruiting bikers, recruiting coaches, barbecues and other fun team events!
  • Starting June 1st: Practices start – once a week
  • September – End of November: Race season!



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