Leadership Team

Board of Directors


  • Glynis Raisch, Creative Director, Coach
  • Brian Wasson, Communications Consultant, Coach

SoMont Cycling

  • Jill Vanderpool, Lead Team Director, SoMont Abington
  • Danelle Witkowski, Lead Head Coach, SoMont Cheltenham
  • Allison Schadel, Team Director, SoMont Cheltenham
  • Brian Vanderpool, Head Coach, SoMont Abington
  • Heidi Levin, Head Coach, SoMont West
  • Regina Altemus, Head Coach, SoMont East
  • Jason Schadel, Trails Lead
  • John Altemus, Trails Lead

Philly Wiss

  • Matt Braden, Team Director
  • Dan Mailetti, Head Coach

Circle Cycle Racing

  • Kenric Strohm, Team Director

IYC Cyclocross

  • Dave Berson, Director of Cyclocross and Team Director

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SoMont Abington MTB
SoMont Cheltenham MTB
SoMont North Composite
SoMont Central Composite

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